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How to Use My Website for Online Booking

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By now you may have visited my website, and if you haven’t you should go there right now and have a look!

Isn’t it great?  I work for myself so it really acts as my receptionist.  I turn my phone off when I am working (and sometimes forget to turn it back on!), so this enables you to have a look when I have appointments available that suit you and then book one for yourself.  This means no telephone or email tag to pin down an appointment time! I still take appointments by phone, email, or text but my online booking is there for your convenience if you choose to use it.

The online appointment book is for Massage Therapy only.  For Personal Training and Specialty Classes please contact me directly through email or phone 416.389.6006

Now… how do you use it?

It is easy really.

  • First, go to my website (and then bookmark it for easy access another time).
  • Next, click on the Appointment Book Tab.
  • Note that if you would like an appointment on that day, you will need to phone, email or text me to see if I have anything available. It will show that I am unavailable, but that is just to avoid double bookings as that has happened in the past.
  • Pick a day you would like and click on that date on the calendar.
  • It will then show you what has already been booked on that day as well as any open appointment times available. (As I need time to take payments from my clients and change the table, there is a default of 15min between appointments).
  • Click on the time you would like. If there are 2 or more appointment times available back to back you can choose the exact time you would like from the drop down box.
  • Fill in your name, phone number and email address. You can add a note if you would like, but it isn’t necessary.
  • You may then click on either “Book just this one” or, if you want to book more appointments, click on “Add more than one” and choose another appointment time.
  • Now you wait! First you will get an email to say that I have received your appointment request and to please wait for a confirmation email. I also receive appointment requests via phone, email and text, so if one of those has come in first and I haven’t had a chance to put it in my appointment book yet, I will have to ask you to pick another appointment time. In the 2 years I have been using this program there has only been a conflict twice.
  • Once you have received your appointment confirmation you will know that your appointment is in my book.
  • You will also be sent a reminder email the day before your appointment.
  • I do require 24hrs notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment or there will be a cancellation fee(full amount) or rescheduling fee($20).

And that is how to book an online appointment with me for Massage Therapy.  That was easy wasn’t it?




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